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Mass. senator wonders about sexism in encounter with W.H. staffer over her role with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
As data on Obamacare's impact trickles out, clear differences are emerging between states that embrace the law and those that didn't
President Obama announces two new programs to help community colleges prepare graduates for jobs and connect more Americans with apprenticeships.
Using existing Labor Department funds, the administration will seek out programs to better match workers and employers
The donation to the Republican Governors Association was made days before the release of a report clearing Christie in N.J. bridge scandal
Matt Rosendale, seeking the Republican nomination for Montana's sole House seat, vividly ties together small government, anti-spying messages
For $15,000, his formerly leased Caddy from his pre-vice president days could be yours
Major Garrett: The administration preps executive action on job training, but it won't be as sexy or controversial as the equal pay debate
The potential Republican presidential candidate is struggling to clarify his views on whether the U.S. should attempt to contain Iran
New group plans to push for measures to reduce gun violence at the state and federal level