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While Obama's executive actions are on hold, the administration will now focus on defending the merits of the policy
Obama administration pushes Senate to pass the USA Freedom Act, saying risk of terrorist attacks would increase if it fails
Sen. Tom Udall, who led a four-member Democratic congressional delegation to Cuba, said the two sides are close to resolving final issues
The former senator blamed factors like "big government" and immigration for flat wages
The anthrax had been declared dead before it shipped
During a campaign stop in South Carolina, the 2016 Democratic frontrunner tries to frame potential liabilities as positives
The presumed 2016 candidate is just one presidential contender willing to "thumb his nose at the law," groups say
Kentucky senator and 2016 candidate criticizes Republican hawks on foreign policy, and the hawks fire right back
The New Jersey governor criticized Republican Sens. Paul and Mike Lee for their opposition to the Patriot Act
The department's initial proposal - to release of most of the 55,000 pages of emails by mid-January 2016 - has been discarded

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