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Hillary Clinton has issued her first response to criticism that she used a personal email address, rather than a government one, as Secretary of State. Nancy Cordes joins CBSN's Michelle Miller to talk more about the political fallout.
Capitol Hill played host to a few dozen sledders during a Washington snowstorm, but only after tussling with Capitol Police.
Sleet, snow, and the rules--none of it stopped the children descending on Capitol Hill.
The Alaska Republican again proves how richly he deserves his reputation for odd commentary
It's a snow day in the Washington, D.C., but that doesn't mean people are allowed to go sledding on Capitol Hill.
Loretta Lynch has waited longer for a vote than her predecessors for the last three decades
Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas and a favorite among grassroots conservatives, is considering a presidential bid in 2016
The bill passed by the House also includes a provision on pets and passengers
Potential Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is apologizing for his controversial remarks on homosexuality. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers shows us the mea culpa he posted online.
The principal argument in King v. Burwell is whether President Obama’s signature health care law prohibits tax subsidies in any state in which the federal government or the state runs the insurance marketplace required by law.

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