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The president and Grylls, star of NBC's "Running Wild," will discuss climate change and spend some time in the wilderness
Wisconsin governor said it was a "legitimate" idea in an interview Sunday; fellow GOP candidate had called it "a pretty dumb idea"
The latest poll of Iowa Republicans shows a tightening race and a preference for non-politicians
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faces intense scrutiny after the overnight release of 4,000 new e-mails
Thousands of new Hillary Clinton emails are made public, and more than 100 contain classified information
Reports from Columbia University's student newspaper generated headlines across the country, but the White House was quick to stop the speculation
About 150 are said to contain classified information
About 150 emails, which Clinton sent as secretary of state, were censored because they contain information now deemed classified
In Alaska, the president stressed the consequences of failing to act, saying the moment of being too late "is almost upon us"
The latest polling shows Republican Ben Carson making significant gains in the GOP race

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