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Former governor, who was once a Republican, will challenge current GOP Gov. Rick Scott in November
Will the negative reaction be strong enough to move a dysfunctional Congress or motivate Burger King to change strategies?
The two already have lengthy, friendly relationship, which was spoofed in a video that ran earlier this year
Civil rights activists and members of the Congressional Black Caucus say someone needs to prevent bias in law enforcement
Two other medals will be awarded to troops who fought in Vietnam
The former Virginia governor denies he acted based on money received from CEO Jonnie Williams
The legal cost for House Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit over Obamacare is raising eyebrows
Boehner shows his lighter side in a new video discussing one of his favorite office props
President Obama details some steps his administration and Congress have taken to improve veterans' access to health care.
President Obama says the extremists with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will face justice for murdering American journalist James Foley.

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