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CBS News poll measures U.S. sentiment on Cuba and the President's handling of relations with Cuba
The New Jersey governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate has been studying and quietly consulting the Republican party's foremost foreign policy thinkers to help him formulate his views on the international affairs
Reince Priebus wrote an open letter to CEOs of U.S. theaters and promised to help sell tickets to the movie
If confirmed by the Senate, Yates would oversee day to day operations
President Obama is on his annual winter family vacation in Kailua until Jan. 4
President Obama describes the hack as "cyber vandalism," but some Republicans say it was an act of war or terrorism
President Obama still faces significant opposition to his move to normalize relations with Cuba
Sen. Lindsey Graham called the North Korean cyberattack an "act of terrorism"; Sen. Rubio says it's important that "that movie be seen"
Ex-NY Gov. Pataki, police union point fingers at NYC mayor and U.S. attorney general; NAACP president says protesters don't want this
President Obama says the U.S. is mulling a response after blaming the North Korean government for the cyberattack on Sony

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