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The Conservative Solutions Project's reported fundraising haul illustrates how 2016 candidates may benefit from the new crop of secretive nonprofits
Negotiators for the United States, Iran and other world powers have extended talks regarding the Islamic Republic's nuclear program for a few more days
The Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential candidate opposes marriage rights for gay couples, but his family feels differently
Case underscores how tension between religious-freedom advocates and gay-rights supporters is likely to become more heated
John Kerry is making a final push to deliver President Obama's biggest foreign policy goal: a nuclear deal with Iran
Justice Department releases new data as officials add cameras to increase transparency and to protect their officers
The 2016 presidential candidate was responding to the suggestion by former Attorney General Eric Holder that a deal was possible
The South Carolina Senate voted 37-3 on Monday to remove the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds
CBS News talked to the millennial Democrats in Iowa to find out whether they are all in for a Clinton candidacy -- or if they're looking for someone else.
Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is hitting the campaign trail while opponent Bernie Sanders brings in the biggest audiences of any campaign events

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