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The Texas governor said he doesn't "condone" a post on his Twitter account about Mary Lehmberg being "the most drunk Democrat in Texas"
The president is steering clear of campaign appearances with Democrats in a tough election year, opting to raise money instead
The president argues Republicans aren't willing to help improve the lives of Americans
There's a new twist in the debate over how the U.S. should respond to ISIS: the traditional party lines are starting to disintegrate
With Russian troops amassing near eastern Ukraine, two lawmakers say the Baltic states could be next; bipartisan call for more military support to Kiev
Democrats, Republicans divided over whether the U.S. should start attacking extremists in Syria and Iraq without help from allies
With the president's suggestion he might delay a planned end-of-summer announcement on executive action, everyone is scrambling to calculate next steps
The Republican senator ribbed Obama before a receptive audience at the annual Americans for Prosperity summit
2016 presidential prospect takes on former secretary of state's handling of deadly 2012 terrorist attack in Libya
The president and his family are among guests as White House chef Sam Kass ties the knot with MSNBC host Alex Wagner

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