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Her character on the show, a bartender, has been a hit among supporters
Many of the locations Moscow says it's hit are not in areas controlled by ISIS militants
The GOP presidential candidate says he would sacrifice his life if he were face-to-face with a gunman
GOP presidential candidate lights up gun control debate, says he would have sacrificed his life to help stop deadly attack in Oregon
Milwaukee police officer Bryan Norberg is suing the gun shop that sold the gun he was nearly killed with
The vote on final passage for the bill is expected Wednesday
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders introduced the "Workplace Democracy Act" in front of a crowd of supporters on Capitol Hill
The legislation would more than double the length of any paid-leave program in the country if passed
Marco Rubio may be trying to replicate Mitt Romney's approach to the state in 2012
Inquiry comes after newly-uncovered emails show that Clinton's private email account was activated earlier than Mar. 18, 2009, the date she originally cited

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