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  1. Laxmi says:

    Grande veddare! Muita gente sofrendo, muita gente chorando e nos enclausurados em nossas proprias vidas. Precisamos deixar de lado esse nosso viver e nos voltar para aqueles que precisam de um toque de amor. nao somos super herois mas fomos resgatados para trazer a Luz onde ha trevas.

  2. Amelia says:

    Certainly. Anybody who whseis to use the material, and asks for it, is welcome to it. I have published it in the hope it could be of interest and use to others.

    1. FlaMz says:

      Finally a very solid week for our picks. 10-3 so far and the DEN pick is a pretty lgcoial pick for tonight since NE can’t win unless they get an intentional safety. The offical picks defeat all of the rating methods by 1 this week.Standard picked IND over GB which made sense up until the game actually happened. Iterative agreed pick for pick with Standard. Weighted picked GB over IND properly, but missed on its other disagreement of SD over BUF. All three finished 9-4. Everybody is picking DEN tonight.The only way that the DAL/STL game affected the graph was to remove DAL->PHI from the graph.

    2. Lara says:

      That should prove ierntesting; hopefully there’s no oil . She’s 53 now, boy how time flies!RainbowRay Sharing is caring and caring is sharing;living is giving and giving is living

  3. Shopnil says:

    , the letsat Ubuntu release, based on my previous tests that I’ve run on two systems, a Gateway PA6A 17 portable and a 15 Lenovo 3000 Series Y410 laptop, using two variations of Kubuntu (one a 10.04 LTS installation, modified with Personal Package Archives (PPA) and back ports, later upgraded with a version upgrade to 10.10, and the other, a straight installation of 10.10, plus a Beta installation of Xubuntu 10.10, upgraded to release, and a couple of Virtualbox installations of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu, I can say with a reasonable level of confidence that Ubuntu and its variations are a step up from the usual six month Ubuntu releases.In the past, only the Long Term Support (LTS) versions could really be considered stable . The other releases have always provided the letsat software, but it has been a mixed bag. Sometimes they work, sometimes there are issues. That may still be true for some people. With the changing Linux kernels and the modifications to the X Server software provided by the Xorg project, it seems that there are always new systems that get picked up in support, but it also seems that there are nearly as many systems that either get dropped or become problematic each time something changes. Based on what I’ve read about other people’s experience, I can’t claim that the changes brought about by the kernel and X server changes in the 10.10 release that things are any different. All I can report is that after testing more than a half dozen combinations on two different systems, the overall Ubuntu repository health in the most current release this Fall is of overall quality that exceeds that of the more volatile six month releases, but I suspect that once again, not everyone will be pleased with the outcome. For me, I was.It does not seem, based on this quick look, that Super OS provides enough that’s different to justify its own spot on a hard disk partition over any of the Ubuntu variations that I have already installed. What it may provide for some people, however, is a somewhat richer multi media setup immediately following installation, so that may make installing Super OS worthwhile for anyone looking for a fresh Ubuntu installation that is intended to be used to watch movies and view various other types of media intensive content.People who are set on staying as close to free software as possible would not be interested in this release. There are some efforts underway with things like Gnash to replace Flash, and avoidance of non-free binary blobs as much as possible. For those who prefer sticking with software that has as much source code behind it as possible, this may not be an option they’d be looking for. In that case, looking at one of the GNU sponsored projects may be more suitable, or possibly opting for either Debian or Fedora instead, which try to start and stick to only free software (software backed by source code) as much as possible.Pragmatic individuals who could care less about source code and are more interested in free software that provides a rich media experience are the people most likely to try out this software and find it worthwhile. Those who like Ubuntu, but are looking for immediately available media additions are probably the best fit for Super OS.

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