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  1. Byron says:

    The Cyber Mate.You can plug it in to your usb drive, and let the other pseorn/pseorns controle the vibe/sucking motions. I used to sell it never got a chance to try it.

  2. Izebel says:

    omg , your hair looks soooo ptetry longg ! and it looks really good shortt too . thanks for the video , me and my mom just made a compromise that if i get straight A’s i can get these , hahaha . thanks again! (:

  3. Pedro says:

    WTH? IEP pooarctl my butt. At work right now, so can’t type much. Love the new picture btw, but I can’t resist…..don’t you know what happens to kids playing on traintracks in Maine? 🙂 SK makes a story about them, and how fun and cool they are.Think I’m going to call tomorrow.

  4. Nesrine says:

    I also don’t agree with Godin’s Click on the ad to say thank you . There are lot of other btteer things you can do to say thank you to a blog. Probably subscribe to the blog, spread the word around etc.~ Ramesh ~

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