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  1. Michihiro says:

    Very, very true. Back in the days our pranets didn’t have to worry about stuff that’s going on right now But i know it would of been nice to see my dad pull up the chair beside and just chat with us I know there were 4 of us but least make time even for 5 mins. see what i’ve been up 2. But happy to say times has changed dramatically for the better. Now pranets are more active in their kids life they make sure they have time to sit and chat with their kids and see what are the kids are up 2 and what their feeling. There is soo much going on out there,u need to talk with your child I know i do and my kid is only 5 It’s always good for our child to come to us and know he/she can talk to us about anything and know we will always be there no matter what.. And protect and support them in anything they want to do in life even if we don;t agree .Ciao 4 now.

  2. Carmelo says:

    *applauds Nikki for piunttg together this awesome interview post*It was an awful lot of fun reading all the interviews, and I love the fact that we’re all like NO I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT DESIGN OR MUSIC!

  3. Kristiawan says:

    David Leonhardt – SEO ConsultantJanuary 9, 2009 at 7:45 amInteresting cncpeot: lurkers = listeners. I often hear the word lurker used in a negative fashion, as in someone who doesn’t participate, but I guess there is more than one way to participate. Reply

  4. Mridul says:

    Listening: Why it is So Important in Social Media and 3 Easy Ways to Find the Time to Do It | BuzzStream Blog Listening is itaormpnt and will set you up for success in your social marketing, if you are in any type of marketing role you must become a good listener because: Reply

  5. Kacper says:

    I have a daily rtiaul in the morning where I say a little prayer of thanks for the day. I find that when I say it, I end up listening, and I’ve created a tiny space in the day for this sense of silence and listening, of stillness. I didn’t think to associate it with writing, and I love that you have found a quote that does just that. Writing is listening. Thank you.

  6. Itirou says:

    Hey Mark!I am eixcted for this next journey you are about to take. So like Your and Chris’ life. Always ready for adventure, never letting fear interfere! I will take a lesson from you here. I will follow your blog and travel the world through you. Godspeed my friend! Love and Luck to you, Janet Guess-Kilgore

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