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  1. Sowmyag says:

    This post was metnioned on Twitter by Afterseven and Daniel , Daria DiGiovanni. Daria DiGiovanni said: Memo to GOP: This is not a monarchy @ConsrvativeDiva #teaparty #tcot #gop #rpof

    1. Pravin says:

      I am a voter who wants major change from the icdeitron of increased size and scope of government under the Obama administration (and also the Bush administration both administrations increased the size and power of the federal government).But I’m not satisfied with the GOP’s pledge to America. Why?I strongly support minimal government and fiscal conservatism, but I also I care very deeply about environmental issues I think sustainability is the #1 challenge facing America right now. I also think sustainability and our economic woes go hand in hand. We are in the hole economically because we have been living unsustainably. The ballooning national debt is probably the biggest example of unsustainable living it’s borrowing from future generations the same way polluting the environment is borrowing from future generations.The GOP’s pledge to America does not even mention sustainability or the environment. I do not understand why the GOP and conservatives in American cannot band together with the goal of protecting the environment? Why let democrats and liberals own this issue?I explained in a recent blog post that I think that there are just as many (if not more) ways to approach sustainability from a conservative perspective.Where does this leave me? Is there anyone I can vote for? I’m forced to support a fringe, third-party candidate who probably has next to no chance of winning. That’s why I’m trying to get the debate going among conservatives and liberals liberals need to address the fiscal conservative issue, and conservatives need to make a commitment to sustainability. The two go hand in hand!

  2. Putri says:

    maenoly:Beyond the absurdity of a Democrat barking orders at his political oppositionBush did it for 8 years…. live with it….Dems have the mandate now, get used to itAs for the Rush comment, translation:CONSERVATISM IS THE MINORITY SCHOOL OF THOUGHT NOWmost Americans associate conservative with Rush…… only proving how dead conservative idologies are

  3. Maureen says:

    Of csroue, with other in 3rd place, it makes me think not enough options were present. I would guess that some folks might be using the TNIV, NLT, NKJV at the very least. That’s what I’ve determined when I’ve given similar polls.

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