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  1. Selman says:

    The rdienemr that weengage in certain behaviors even if negative to our well-being because we get something out of it Is terrific rdienemr. I am a good listener, but fall into the trap of #10:placating to end the conversation and, also, to stop the experience before I drift away or start lecturing because I want to be right as you say.How can we be more present when those feelings start to well up and put a stop to more constructive communication?I really enjoyed this one. Thank you!

  2. Lidel says:

    You write so hoesnlty about this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Geraldin says:

    Dena DavisDecember 12, 2008 at 9:28 pmI know what you mean . I am fiolowlng 2 guys on twitter that I thought were interesting. They are so sell sell sell . Its like they are spamming twitter. I am about to unfollow these idiots. And these are social media guys.You are right its abbout listening . because if you dont listen, you cant connect personally. Reply

  4. Dheeraj says:

    I went tugrhoh the same thing as simple as the assignment was it was also difficult as well to just listen and comprehend because of everything going on. At least you finished lol i also finished but kind of zoned out on part B felt like I did not listen to it.

  5. Rezaaditya says:

    Another great pacodst! It was great that Dr. Helen asked if he would support making a state’s concealed carry permit good in any other state. It caught him off guard unfortunately. I don’t see Republicans working hard on this issue, but they should be. Here in AZ, the R’s always say that they don’t want to federalize state gun laws as the consequences could become dire. But this is just an excuse since the Rs rush to federalize everything else (including voting for the 94 AW ban which both R’s Kolbe and Kyl voted for). It’s time for the R’s to walk the walk on this issue and get it done. It’s a simple issue of homeland security which should address violent crime and family safety every bit as much as terrorism. R’s seem only interested these days in big government solutions…Dr Steve in AZ

  6. Anjali says:

    younger strapping TSA men at arlgcay airport? good year for voluntourism!! =DI’m not completely immersed in the furry fandom ( I’m just friends with some furry artist on DA and a fan of some furry web-comics) but I have heard of some bad furry romanticizes in the past and all I have to say to that is whether in the fandom or not, cheating is for the weak willed. I don’t think that the cheatie should ever be blamed he/she is just a lollipop on a bear trap. I also believe you can’t have a romantic relationship solely based on the interwebs :I but that’s just my opinion.an rainbow coffin? OMG I couldn’t stop laughing xD which brings me to a question.why is the gay population so large in the furry fandom? is it because the furry fandom is just more tolerant or more gay friendly then most other community’s/fan bases on the internet?

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