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  1. Kesya says:

    oh I think I pseotd an unfinished post. I was posting a podcast on feelings and intuition.And this came into my inbox great minds think alike. I love this post.

  2. Royrashad says:

    Oh man! I’m so with you on this one! It dveirs Josh crazy when I listen to the same cd a jillion times! But I love it! I listened to Darrell Evans almost exclusively for the month when I was in Turkey, and when I hear one of those songs it instantly takes me back to those hotel rooms, and the streets and smells. I love that. Right now, my obsession is Mumford & Sons, along with Needtobreathe (who I love because even though they’re a Christian band, they aren’t afraid to put a love song to a girl on the album. Well played!) also, I’m in love with Love Came Down by Brian Johnson, but its slow, so my littles don’t want to listen to it. I get it when I can!

  3. Esra says:

    KyleDecember 10, 2008 at 9:58 amMy parsluee Pam, I enjoyed the topic since it is such a simple thing for everyone to start doing and getting involved with social marketing.Looking forward to reading more on this blog!/kff Reply

  4. Mima says:

    Wow, this post has srusapsed LoTek as the most popular post on the site and it inadvertently makes me look like an ass. Thanks a lot Evan! whatev.

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