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  1. adapesebastian says:

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    1. Aziz says:

      Bruno, our kids are out of the house now. We were very lucky in that we didn’t have rlealy turbulent times when they were in the teen years, but I know that that’s often not the case. You’re right when you say the child is more likely to remember the bad day, the day he wasn’t listened to. We’ve always made it a practice to sit down for dinner together and have conversation. I believe that’s a way to keep family feeling connected. Everyone has a say. Everyone is listened to.

  2. Igli says:

    Good luck with a much neeedd site. I reckon I drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee a day and only eat 2 meals, yet I read restaurant reviews all the time!I hope you find coffee lovers a few hidden gems and expose those that spell espresso with an x.No milk, two sugars thanks.

  3. Sonia says:

    what is this 25 dolalr gift card you speak of? and sadly enough, my 4th grade talent show act was dancing to paula abdul. no lie. right now though, i’m listening the heck out of fleet foxes (all four of the singles from their upcoming album helplessness blues, grown ocean, battery kinzie and bedouin dress), bon iver, tallest man on earth, and mumford and sons. which means i’m listening to the same old, same old.

  4. Babu says:

    Kyle FlahertyFebruary 9, 2009 at 10:37 amDavid, sorry to take a month to get back to you! I aulactly do think lurker is still a negative term, hence why I like listner . Lurkers are all around us unfortunately and will never engage, even when called out. Listeners on the other hand are looking to engage, but need to know they can trust you first (or at least that you know what you are talking about)./kff Reply

  5. Auth says:

    It is anmizag when two people cannot understand each other can actually communicate with few words. When people really listen, it is anmizag how much information we can convey when we observe and listen.[]

  6. Demba says:

    Well, I think it’s upstteing that some people are taking this song so personally. I tried to be comical with punchlines and wordplay, but some seemed to take this song in the most literal sense possible. It seems that all of sudden, this week people decided to take song lyrics literally. Music has been existing forever where people have just been enjoying it in their own way, but I upload one track and some folks get furious about it. It’s just a song people. Go shoot some hoops! The beat was sequenced with midines, and recorded off a real nintendo, so there is your chip. And yes, it is repetitive, so sue for wanting to focus on the lyrics rather than have a solo section, crazy programming and key changes. I can make a simple beat and rap on it, and it can be regarded as boring. I can make a ridiculously complex beat with 10 sections, and what not, and people will say, This song is good enough, it doesn’t need lyrics. So either way, you just can’t please everyone.Again, I made this song just to have some fun with rapping, because I rarely do rap songs. It is your choice to listen or not listen. That’s about all it should be about. But, the truth is, I will never stop making music whatever anyone says. Music is all I do, day in and day out.-Carl aka OxygenStaraka sadnesaka Steady Caka SwiftIkarusaka A and B Conversationaka Bravo Foxaka MyTwoRobodads

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