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Kirk McEwen

Kirk Solo

If you’ve ever tuned in the FM dial in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area, chances are you’ve heard Kirk. He’s been an giant of the rock ‘n’ roll music airwaves on iconic stations DC 101 and 98 Rock in Baltimore, spending the past 10 years as part of the Kirk, Mark and Lopez Morning Show, honored in 2004 as the best morning show in Baltimore.

In addition to music, Kirk has a strong connection to sports, extending all the way back to his childhood. In 1977, the first year that Major League Baseball sponsored the Pitch, Hit & Run Contest, he finished second in the entire nation for 12-year-olds, winning a trip to the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. He went on to cover the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

A self-proclaimed “military brat,” whose father served in the U.S. Air Force, Kirk was born in Berlin – the youngest of six kids. He’s the younger brother of former CBS “This Morning” personality Mark McEwen. His hometown is Crownsville, Md., located between D.C. and Baltimore, but he’s already fallen in love with Tampa Bay (where he can seen tooling around town in his green 1974 dune buggy).

Kirk’s also multi-talented, with a side career in stand-up comedy. He’s opened for such acts as Daniel Tosh, Tommy Davidson and Larry the Cable Guy. He also fronts his own rock band.

Kirk’s View: “I love taking a look at things and putting my spin on ‘em!  Tampa Bay’s got the teams, the fans and now The Fan!  I’m excited to be in on the ground floor!”

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