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28500 State Road 54 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (847) 983-1409
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My family and I stopped by this Walmart after going out to dinner to pick up some wine coolers and pet food, the cashier refused to sell us the wine coolers saying we were a group of young people, I am 49 , 50 next month and my wife is 50, now my daughter and her friend were with us and are young but both over 21 which is irrelevant anyhow we were of age that is the law, the best part is they were selling alcolhol to groups of people with minors right next to us. They are a complete fail as a business. The cashier was named Tonja, the CSR was named Nicole, the front end manager who first claimed to be the manager on duty when I asked for the manager on duty was Cindy, the Shift manager who remained hidden was named Vanna. They said it was posted at each register I went to the register and read the policy which was complied with and said nothing like what they said was the policy. This store sucks, the IQ of employees can be no higher than 85 or 90, no one has any common sense. The cashier manager Cindy even claimed their contract with ATF prevented them from selling to me; as a government employee this was a blatant lie. ATF does not make contracts they enforce laws, if they made a contract with anyone but a vendor that supplied them materials they would be breaking the law. This location should be closed down it is a disgrace. they get a 0 star rating by the way it made us put 1.
Patrick S.
April 11, 2015
I would rather make the extra trip and go to bruce b downs or Zephyrhills instead. It is like this walmart is under no management. People gossip and even the main manager has no clue on her job description. STAY AWAY
Smartshopper ..
March 24, 2015
It comes to no surprise why nobody goes to this new walmart. Noone is trained at the store, and the main manager waddles around the store and always has a bad look on her face. When shopping for produce, make sure you CHECK FOR BUGS because when I got home my apples were riddled with flies. Rude staff and dirty produce makes nobody want to shop here. DISSAPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST! Walmart failed with this location, and the selection of management as well. Seems they hire anyone to be managers anymore, despicable.
Matt D.
March 20, 2015
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