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Thirteen years ago, Ellen Sherman was diagnosed with a disease that would eventually lead to kidney failure
There is new evidence for the hotly-debated idea you can get hooked on eating, like people get addicted to cocaine or heroine
Michael Riley Jr. came into contact with rare disease while swimming in a lake with friends
Sacks, the author of several books on brain conditions including "Awakenings," said before dying his life was "equally rich in work and love"
Study says tiny, wireless pacemakers are a possible surgery-free alternative for those with heart conditions, but safety questions linger
Kenny Gilbert’s curiosity in the kitchen started early, as he learned from both his mother and his father and developed a passion for southern food
The Food and Drug Administration says the changes to serving sizes are more realistic
Doctors successfully implant a new valve without doing open heart surgery
Doctors say doing the procedure on the puppy has implications for children and canines alike
Houston teen is getting a treatment that helped save a 12-year-old girl, one of the only patients ever to survive the infection

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