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A new study finds patients who opt for lumpectomy live just as long as women who have more radical surgery
"We really have to act now," says Dr. Thomas Frieden, who just visited West African communities hit by the deadly virus
Doctor was working with same group as another American aid worker who recovered from Ebola last month
Powel Crosley's wife died in 2009 of a rare form of ovarian cancer, so he's gone back to college to conduct research on a treatment for the disease
Researchers in Louisiana say that low-carb diets are better for both weight loss and heart health than low-fat diets. Plus, a new study shows that people can train their brains to prefer healthy foods. Danielle Nottingham reports on the day's top health news.
British family brought 5-year-old Ashya to Spain for new brain tumor treatment, and ended up in jail
Wealthier Americans' eating habits a tad healthier, but those of the poor staying about the same, survey shows
CBS News looks into the state of ALS research amid the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the millions of dollars donated to fight the disease
In side by side study, one popular diet strategy proves more effective
Certain types of shows encourage more high-calorie snacking than others; researchers explain why

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