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FDA proposal would ban sales to minors and require health warning labels and approval for new products
First batch of proposed federal regulations of booming industry could be followed by more; court challenge coming?
Woman who died in 2005 is believed to be the oldest person ever to donate her body to science
A new study finds young adults who smoke cannabis increase their risk for heart attack and other cardiovascular problems
A new study on marijuana is raising concerns just as more states are legalizing the drug. Young and middle-aged adults who use marijuana could be putting themselves at risk for heart-related complications, even death. Bigad Shaban reports.
Several new cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus have emerged, including one in Greece
Findings underscore importance of license restrictions for young drivers, researchers say
A new powdered alcohol promises a convenient way to have a drink on the go, but health experts warn of a dangerous recipe for abuse
Michigan man is one of four people in the U.S. to receive a high-tech artificial retina implant to restore sight
Daily health headlines: Research yields clues about how the brain responds to danger, the FDA considers a new powerful new prescription painkiller, and more top stories.