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Debora Patta reports from Liberia where the children orphaned by Ebola have not only lost their parents, but they are often shunned by their families and friends.
21-day quarantine ends with no signs of disease in people closest to Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan
With flu season approaching, finding a fast and accurate screening method will become even more important
Doctors urge parents to ditch the spoon after discovering surprising and harmful mistakes made by moms and dads
A look at where things stand with the most advanced efforts in finding find a marketable treatment for the virus
There's a new smartphone app that allows medical marijuana users to get delivery from dispensaries to their door. The app, Nestdrop, is a medical delivery service created by founders Roddy Rodnia and Michael Pycher. KCBS reports.
What's the connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction? A new study takes Viagra back to its start, helping the heart
Liberian natives who have healthcare jobs in the U.S. are being urged to consider traveling to the area where Ebola is at its worst -- West Africa. A congressman explained the need for help to quell the spread of the virus. WCCO has the story.
Up-to-date news on the Ebola outbreak in the U.S. and overseas
Walk-in clinics are convenient, but hospital emergency rooms are better equipped to deal with potential Ebola cases

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