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A new survey from NYU Langone Medical Center finds a surprising number of people with tattoos experience skin problems that can last for months or even years. Hena Daniels reports.
The rising popularity of body art raises longer-term medical concerns
The FDA warned last year that the devices used in certain laparoscopic procedures could pose serious risks
The anthrax had been declared dead before it shipped
Starting medication soon after diagnosis keeps people healthy longer
Is your state the fattest or fittest? Check out the latest obesity rankings
Metal brushes used for cleaning grills can get into food and cause serious intestinal damage
Birth control pills are still safe, researchers say, but there are issues to consider
Experts say genetic testing for medical conditions may not be as foolproof as many people believe
Strokes are the leading cause of severe disability in the U.S. One out of six people will suffer a stroke in his or her lifetime. Dr. Tara Narula reports on why everyone needs to be aware of the risk, and how to respond.

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