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Pumpkin pies sold with unintended ingredient which could put some allergy sufferers at risk
The NIH plans to advance research on an Ebola vaccine after a preliminary study finds it effectively produces an immune response and doesn't cause adverse side effects
Arthur J. Reynolds, of the University of Minnesota, says kids in full day preschool had greater gains in literacy and language development, math skills, socio-emotional learning and also physical health. Adriana Diaz reports.
Study finds canines process speech in a human-like way
Don't let the joy of the season be overshadowed by stress. Try these strategies to stay sane while spending time with loved ones.
The new standards would prevent nearly a million asthma attacks and bring upwards of $13 billion in health benefits by 2025
The growing number of cancer diagnoses appears to correlate with excess weight, a problem that will tax health care systems worldwide
Researchers say that one-quarter of obesity-related cancers in North America are avoidable. Also, new concerns for children who use acetaminophen. Wendy Gillette reports on the day's top health news.
A provision of the Affordable Care Act will soon require calorie counts on menus at restaurants with 20 or more locations. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on the new law and how it can affect America’s health.
A new report from the CDC finds a majority of people with HIV don't access medical services or take medications to achieve viral suppression

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