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Some worried the Ebola virus could become even more contagious and deadly; here's what the science shows
Investigation finds many children are misdiagnosed and over-treated with drugs meant for severe mental illness
This commonly used household item can be responsible for the accidental spread of dangerous foodborne bacteria
A CBS News investigation found that children in American foster homes are regularly misdiagnosed and over-treated for medical conditions. CBS News Correspondent Anna Werner spoke to CBSN about the report.
After dozens of HIV infections emerge in one county, officials approve emergency needle exchange program
Jose Chua Lopez was born with a heart defect and could die if he doesn't receive the transplants
Doctors have given a new update on the 4-year-old's battle with cancer
Before Mark Bertolini became CEO of Aetna, he almost died on a family ski trip. While recovering, he looked for alternative ways to manage pain. As Gayle King reports, Bertolini found healing in yoga and meditation, and that inspired him to bring a new mindset to one of the nation's largest health insurance companies. Bertolini joins "CBS This Morn
Air pollution is linked to mental as well as physical health issues in two new studies
After a near-death experience, Mark Bertolini was inspired to integrate yoga and meditation into the company culture