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In Chicago, at least 74 people overdosed on heroin over a period of three days
A new study shows chemotherapy, a standard treatment for breast cancer, may not be right for all patients
A Swedish study adds to the evidence that taller people face greater cancer risk - but why?
Researchers say getting adolescents to change their sleep habits may have unexpected benefits
Marty Reiswig could get tested to find out if he will get Alzheimer's but says he is "terrified to know"
In a viral Facebook post, a Florida mother shares photos of the last moment she shared with her daughter
Families with a gene mutation linked to early-onset Alzheimer's disease are taking part in a study that could someday help lead to a cure
Most infants get these bacteria naturally from the environment, but antibiotics or other factors can interfere
Study of twins helps shed light on what makes some people seem more attractive
Officials warn residents of the Michigan city not to drink tap water unless it's been filtered and tested

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