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Researchers say chemical clues in the body may help identify people most at risk
Report analyzed U.S. deaths attributed to the cold, the heat, storms, floods and lightning
Timing is everything when it comes to survival from cardiac arrest, says a new study
The American Heart Association says heart attacks suffered on nights and weekends are more likely to be deadly. Plus, research linking alcohol use to memory loss. Marlie Hall reports on the day's health headlines.
Missionary groups pulling out nonessential personnel and asking for prayers for two American aid workers stricken with the deadly virus
Very few patients survive this deadly virus, and those who do may face lingering health issues
Doctor contracted virus while treating patients in Sierra Leone; another victim is confirmed to be an American citizen
State leaders had argued that law closing its only abortion clinic was fine because Mississippians could get them in other states
Women who start dieting in childhood may see long-term health consequences decades later
Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, had refused treatment for infectious disease; Cruz comes from place known for drug-resistant TB