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Fourth outing with Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 costars Christoph Waltz
The actor recalls being showered with fake bird poop on his first feature film shoot - for Robert Altman, no less
The three top live-action movie openings of 2015 have been led by women
Movies like "Insurgent," "Cinderella," and "50 Shades of Grey," are the top three live-action movie openings this year. Notably they all have female leads and most of the ticket-buyers were women. Meanwhile, male-centric movies have been bombing at the box office. Is Hollywood no longer strictly a man's world? The New York
The late George Carlin made his living slicing and dicing Washington politicians for delighted audiences, but now, he has a most unlikely place of honor. Vinita Nair tells us more.
​Don Draper is making his exit this year, but his image as a 1960s advertising man will live on at the Smithsonian Institution
The pop star says she's taking math classes in order to help understand her older son's homework

One Direction

A look at the hit U.K. boy band over the years
​Five performances of "Stomp" have been scrapped following an apparent gas explosion in Manhattan's East Village
The actor goes full Burt Reynolds in a sultry pose for the first official photo of him as the Marvel character