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Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., tweeted a photo containing the phrase “F*** The Police” in a post decrying “militarized” law enforcement agencies around the country.
Ready are you, China, for "Star Wars"?
Dr. Howard Schneider of Jacksonville faces multiple lawsuits claiming he performed surgical procedures without anesthetic.
A 79-year-old Florida man returned to his home this week to find a line of cinder blocks cemented down the middle of his driveway after his neighbor constructed the wall, claiming the property as his own.
A 52-year-old central Florida man is accused of abusing a disabled woman and teenager.
Dr. Mehmet Oz helped a woman who collapsed at a Jacksonville mall during his “The Good Life” tour.
A sex tape involving wrestler Hulk Hogan is the subject of another federal court action as a celebrity gossip website is suing the FBI, trying to obtain investigation documents related to the recording.
A€” Florida's top law enforcement agency is reporting an overall drop in crime in 2014, though there was a slight increase in the number of rapes and murders.
The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the death in a scalding shower of a Florida prisoner and may conduct a broader civil rights probe of state prisons.
A St. Petersburg police officer heading to a scene where a stolen vehicle had been recovered ran over a man who was lying in the road.