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‘Belly Button Challenge’ May Be Harmful To Body Image

It's called the "Belly Button Challenge" and according to health officials the social media challenge could be detrimental to body...

Health Reform

Florida & The Affordable Care Act

Find out how health reform affects you.

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Drones And Dogs Deployed In Battle To Save The Guacamole

With the killers hiding in the trees, heat-sensing drones are launched into the air. When their whereabouts are narrowed, the dogs are sent in. When it comes to protecting the world’s supply of guacamole, no weapon can be spared.

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Companies Selling Oxygen In A Can

Need an extra boost? Oxygen in a can is gaining popularity as some customers claim it can help provide energy and alleviate minor symptoms such as headaches.

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Study: Men Prefer Curvy Women Due To Evolution

AUSTIN, Tex. (CBS Houston) – Men prefer curvy women, a new study finds.

Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin analyzed men’s mate preferences for women and found that men prefer a woman with a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks because it allows women to better support, provide for, and carry out multiple pregnancies.


Over 1.3 Million Floridians Sign Up For Health Insurance

Federal health officials say about 57 percent are part of the nearly 1 million who are re-enrolling and 43 percent selected a plan for the first time.

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Florida Supreme Court Considering Definition Of Sexual Intercourse In HIV Case

The Florida Supreme Court will consider the definition of sexual intercourse in a case involving a gay man charged with not letting a partner know he was HIV-positive.

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Tamiflu Shortage Again

The liquid form of the flu drug Tamiflu is in short supply.


DASH Diet Ranked Best Overall — Once Again

The new annual ‘‘best diets” list is out from U.S. News & World Report.


What ‘Brain-Dead’ Means

What does it mean when doctors say a person is brain-dead?

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