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river snapchat discover CNET Tech News Messaging app shuts down Snapchat Channel, leading to the departure of some employees behind the original content effort, according to a Deadline report.

Will robots run the restaurant of the future?

robots CNET Tech News Robohow has trained robots to make pancakes and pizza. Now they've trained a robotic maître d'hôtel to take an order and relay it to the robotic chefs.
hrg9xsilver3qflashcl CNET Tech News The advanced G5 X, small and retro G9 X and entry-level mirrorless EOS M10 make their fall debut.

3D-printed eco-bikini cleans the ocean as you swim

bikini1 CNET Tech News The Sponge Suit is made of porous material that cleans contaminants from the ocean, helping to make swimming an eco-friendly experience.
bizeyes1 CNET Tech News A Shanghai-based designer creates a line of colorful eyeglasses that would fit right into a comic book or abstract painting. Are we looking at the future of specs?
microlattice 1 CNET Tech News Ashley discusses a new metal with walls 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, a robot that may someday become a handy helper for ISS astronauts and a biodegradable "water bottle" you can eat.

Dell to buy EMC in $67B tech megamerger

Dell Round Rock 1 610x406 CNET Tech News The acquisition of data storage provider EMC continues the reinvention of Dell in the post-PC era.

3D-printed glasses for daring eyes (pictures)

bizeyes3 CNET Tech News Designer Nasim Sehat's far-out 3D-printed glasses look like they'd fit right into a comic book or abstract painting. You can even wear a different style on each eye.
42 66371367 CNET Tech News Hacks of Sony, Target, Home Depot and major health insurers have made it more expensive to cope with data theft, Reuters reports.
steve jobs fassbender reflection resized CNET Tech News Despite objections about the film from people close to the Apple co-founder, the Jobs biopic draws crowds to the four theaters that showed it this weekend.

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