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Marvel vs DC

DC Just Can’t Get it Right!

Now everyone bare with me because I’m about to get my nerd on.  First off I want to say that yes I am a huge fan of Marvel comics, but MY favorite superhero movie is […]



Mutants vs. Wolfpack

If you would have asked me two weeks ago if X-Men: The First Class would rule the box office opening weekend I would have told you to bet your blu ray collection on it.  Now, […]


Hungover Pirates

Prepare for Your Hangover Jack Sparrow

Despite bad reviews The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise sailed away this weekend with a pirates booty of $90 million.  Enjoy it now because it will not last.  The “wolf pack” is back in The […]



“Super” Smallville Series Finale

Alright Smallville fans this is your last chance to say goodbye to the long running show based on the MAN OF STEEL. Tonight, Clark’s nemesis Lex Luther returns to take out revenge his on his […]


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Yeah that’s right I said it.  BIGGEST SUMMER BOX OFFICE EVER!!!!  Two years ago when the Hollywood writers strike happened I told anyone who would listen (which was usually just my 2 year-old daughter and […]



The Smallville Swan Song

After ten years Smallville will be coming to an end this May.  The retelling of Clark Kent growing up as a teen in Smallville, Kansas, has survived a network change, cast changes, a move to […]


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Chris Brown: America’s Sweetheart

Oh Chris Brown. Just when I thought there was nothing to write about but Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown decided to sit down with Robin Roberts. By now most of you have seen the interview where […]


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Crying for Cryer

I know everyone wants to read about how Charlie Sheen got fired but I’m not going to write about that.  The dude is crazy and that’s that.  The person I feel really bad for is […]


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Train Wreck Charlie

Well unless you have lived under a rock for the past week it’s been hard not to notice the crazy person formerly known as Charlie Sheen that has been on every form of media.  It […]


T.M. dishes on tv, film and the stars that make them so irresistable

Oscars, Oscars, Oscars!

Greetings from the couch. This week is the Oscars and I’m here with my take on this week’s show. First off don’t give me any excuses why you haven’t seen any of the nominated films. […]


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