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Ringer Tuesday 9PM

Ringer SPOILER!!!!!

I have been frantically searching the internet and trying to find out every little detail about the new series Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. There are very few photos or other elements out there, but […]


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What?!???!!! (Gossip Girl)

Ok so, I like everyone else was surprised when I saw Chuck and Blair embracing on the streets of New York City. We all know that she is supposed to be marrying the prince this […]


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The Upper East Side Gets Vintage?!

“The producers of Gossip Girl are developing a 19th century teen class drama for the big screen.” Ohhhh this looks like it’s going to be good. I can imagine this being like Gossip Girl, but […]


Gossip Girl Cast

B is Back.. well almost

Our favorite girl is back on the streets of Manhattan, doing what she does best, scheming, plotting, looking gorgeous! Yes Blair Waldorf is back and filming the new season of Gossip Girl coming out this Fall!!! […]



New CW44 Fall Show Teasers

Here’s a tease of CW44’s NEW Fall shows. “Hart of Dixie” tease (Monday, 9pm) This new show seems like a very real, down to earth kind of show with a lot of heart. It’s from […]


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