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Latest Tampa Bay Science

The Air Force has launched a top-secret satellite. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

US Air Force Launches Top-Secret Intelligence Satellite

The Air Force has launched a top-secret satellite.

CBS Tampa–05/22/2014

A Delta 4 rocket  carries its payload into space.  (Photo: Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)

New GPS Satellite Launched Into Space

Updated military satellite will provide navigation info to the Air Force,

CBS Tampa–05/16/2014

New research suggests that Earth microbes and bacteria could survive a trip to Mars on the outside of a spacecraft. (Getty Images)

Researchers: Spacecraft-Riding Microbes Could Colonize Mars

Research shows bacteria and other Earth microbes can survive on spacecraft.

CBS Tampa–05/16/2014

Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy, taken on October 29, 2012, shows the storm over the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. (Photo: NASA via Getty Images)

Study: Tropical Storms Shifting Toward North And South Poles

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – Tropical storms aren’t so tropical any more, says a new study reported on by Live Science. An analysis of historical storm data shows the average latitude at which tropical cyclones reach their maximum intensity […]

CBS Tampa–05/14/2014

Two recent research papers suggest the massive West Antarctica ice sheet has begun melting, with catastrophic consequences for global coastlines. (Photo: VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Researchers: Catastrophic Collapse Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Begins

Unstoppable melting could mean 11-13 feet sea-level rise by the end of the century.

CBS Tampa–05/13/2014

Replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria sail into New York Harbor in 1992 to mark the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage. (Photo: MARIA R. BASTONE/AFP/Getty Images)

Divers Say They Have Found Christopher Columbus’ Ship ‘Santa Maria’

Underwater explorer Barry Clifford says circumstantial evidence is growing that the wreck he discovered in 2003 off the coast of Haiti is the famous ‘Santa Maria’

CBS Tampa–05/13/2014

705 people remain on the short list to start a human colony on Mars. (Photo credit:  EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

705 Astronaut Candidates Pass Latest Cut For Colonize Mars Project

Mars One organizers have cut 353 people from the colonization project because of personal or medical reasons.

CBS Tampa–05/08/2014

NASA says one of the 8 power channels on the space station was switched off, possibly by a malfunctioning switch. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Space Station Loses Power Channel But Backup Is Working

An electrical malfunction forced astronauts to shut down 1 of 8 power channels.


(Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Report: Russia Plans To Colonize Moon By 2030

Russia is planning to colonize the moon with humans by 2030, according to a media report.