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Astronomers: Monster Black Hole Wakes Up After 26 Years

The monster black hole system of V404 Cygni is emitting violent bursts of X-rays after lying dormant for over a quarter century.


south pole

Astronomers: Volcanoes May Be Erupting On Venus

Data from the latest unmanned mission to Venus suggests several areas of volcanic activity on the surface.


space exploration

Astronomers Find Brightest Galaxy In Early Universe, May Hold Clues To Origins Of Life

Stars in the CR7 galaxy could be the furnaces where heavy elements necessary for life were forged.


comet rendezvous

Comet Lander Makes Second Contact Since Waking Up

The Philae spacecraft broke its silence on Saturday by sending a signal back to Earth from the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.


Mars Sunset

Scientists Living Under Dome On Hawaiian Volcano For 8 Months To Simulate Life On Mars Emerge From Isolation

Six scientists who were living under a dome on the slopes of a dormant Hawaii volcano for eight months to simulate life on Mars have emerged from isolation.


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