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NASA Captures Images Of Erupting Black Hole In Middle Of ‘Bullseye’

NASA’s Swift space telescope took rare photos of dust being lit up by X-Rays being emitted from a black hole.


NASA new horizons

New Horizons Spacecraft Goes Silent As It Makes Closest Approach To Pluto

NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft will go silent as it scans Pluto during its closest approach to the dwarf planet.


NASA new horizon

Pluto Picture Shows The Dwarf Planet Has A Big Heart

An image of Pluto taken by instruments on board NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft shows a light-colored feature on the surface that resembles a Valentine’s heart.


comet life

Astronomers: Comet Could Host Extraterrestrial Life

Leading astronomers say micro-organisms could live beneath the icy surface of comets.



Astronomers: Monster Black Hole Wakes Up After 26 Years

The monster black hole system of V404 Cygni is emitting violent bursts of X-rays after lying dormant for over a quarter century.


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