Cooking the perfect ham may seem like a breeze, but these mistakes could ruin your meal!

Stop making these 10 ham mistakes.

Mistake 1: Buying Boneless | Though bone-in hams are trickier to slice, they give the ham more flavor and make it moister than deboned.

Mistake 2: Buying Artificially Plumped Ham | Hams are typically cured by submerging the meat in salt water solution. However, cheap ham are injected with a salt solution as a shortcut. Ideally, you want a ham with a label simply reading “ham.”

Mistake 3: Forgetting to Line the Pan | Baking a glazed ham can be messy business. Save yourself some trouble and line the pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Mistake 4: Baking It on Its Side | Although we carve the ham on its side, cooking it cut-side down is ideal.

Mistake 5: Putting It in the Oven Cold | If you don’t bring your ham closer to room temperature before cooking it, you risk it nor cooking evenly.

Mistake 6: Using Pre-Made Glaze | Spiral-cut ham often come with a glaze packet. Toss it! Make a homemade glaze instead. Try a reduction of Dr. Pepper, bourbon and brown sugar over mustard.

Mistake 7: Forgetting to Score It | Scoring your ham allows the fat to render out and the flavors of the glaze to penetrate the whole cut of meat.

Mistake 8: Putting It on the Middle Rack | Whole hams are pretty tall. Putting it on the middle rack instead of the bottom risks the top cooking too quickly.

Mistake 9: Cooking It at a High Temperature | Many recipe will call for temperatures up to 375° or 400°. Some chefs recommend cooking it slow and low. Cook it longer but at 325°, so it doesn’t dry out.

Mistake 10: Not Basting It | Hams can dry out very easily so basting often help immensely.

Hope your hams are simply HAM-amazing!


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