Full List Of Stores That Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving Day 2017

CBS Local — As more and more shoppers seem determined to one-up each other, “Brown Thursday” has quickly become popular with people trying to get the best deals and avoid Black Friday madness.

Many prospective turkey day shoppers will be disappointed to find that a growing number of major retailers are closing their stores for the holiday this year. According to a report from Best Black Friday, a blog dedicated solely to Black Friday shopping, as many as 75 popular retail stores will be shuttered for the Nov. 23 holiday and some may even be closed on Black Friday.

The willingness to close on Thanksgiving may be linked to the growing trend of online shopping. Online spending on Thanksgiving Day in 2016 was reportedly up by over 11 percent.

Here are the stores that have said their employees will be home with their families instead of working on the fourth Thursday of November:

**Check back for updates on stores that will be open and closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

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