The South sure knows how to turn a phrase!

Some of our most commonly used phrases have deep roots in the South, but which Southern saying deserves a comeback?

  1. “Daddy’s gonna skin your hide and nail it to the barn door!” | Translation: You’re in serious trouble, little mister!
  2. “Once a man, twice a child.” | Translation: We revert to child-like behavior when we get old.
  3. “I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck.” | Translation: I’m not naive/inexperienced.
  4. “Somebody turned their goat loose.” | Translation: Somebody’s crying.
  5. “I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” | Translation: I’m busy, frazzled and distracted.
  6. “She’s tough as a pine knot.” | Translation: She’s strong and determined, so don’t mess with her.
  7. “He ain’t worth two cents.” | Translation: He’s not very industrious and/or lacks character.
  8. “You’d best get glad in the same britches you got mad in.” | Translation: Deal with your situation and move on/Get over yourself.
  9. “He’s dumber than dirt. Bless his heart.” | Translation: He’s never gonna be a brain surgeon.
  10. “That boy’s a card short of a full deck.” | Translation: He’s not all there.
  11. “It’s comin’ a gully washer.” | Translation: It’s raining really hard.

There ‘ya have it! Which saying do you think we should bring back?


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