CBS Local– A kitten that was just week old and in bad health wandered into the Belmont Fire House two years ago and never left. Now, the full grown and healthy cat is an integral member of the firehouse and an internet star.

Flame, as he was named by the firefighters, has 20,000 Instagram followers and counting. He’s been featured on the popular Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell.”

“I came in one day and I saw the guys playing with this kitten,” Fire Chief Anthony Segars said via USA Today.  “Now we’ve had dogs and cats wander up here before but they’re always gone in a day or so. But a few days later … the cat was sleeping in the bay. So I asked the guys, ‘Why is the cat here?’ And they told me, ‘He lives here now.’”

First due every time. #eyeofthetiger

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Flame sleeps inside and under firetrucks. When a fire alarm goes out, he gets out of the way and sits on the door awaiting their return.

“We see a lot of bad stuff,” Segars said. “And it’s like he knows, he can sense, that maybe they aren’t having a good day. And he will just rub up on them and sit in their lap, and be like, I’m here for you.”

  1. Sounds like the cat has been watching Hallmark movies. So when and which fireman and 911 operator getting together?

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