CBS Local– The names, addresses and personal identification numbers (PINs) from six million Verizon users were at risk of being leaked, security researcher Chris Vickery found, before Verizon confirmed the reports.

The company released a statement stating that none of the information has “made it into the wrong hands.”

Vickery, director of cyber risk research at UpGuard, found the issue to be a misconfiguration from a third-party designed cloud server. Verizon confirmed that information was at risk of being comprised, and said human error was the reason for the potential leak.

“As a media outlet recently reported, an employee of one of our vendors put information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow external access,” Verizon’s statement read.

Verizon has assured all that the information is secure.

“We have been able to confirm that the only access to the cloud storage area by a person other than Verizon or its vendor was a researcher who brought this issue to our attention,” Verizon’s statement read. “In other words, there has been no loss or theft of Verizon or Verizon customer information.”


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