CBS Local– Apparently, the cliche of asking a neighbor for sugar is terribly outdated as one in eight people don’t even know a single neighbors’ name, according to a survey by insurance company Aviva.

The survey of 2,000 British citizens was conducted with the main goal of analyzing home safety in the summer, the most popular time to take a vacation. For those between the ages of 16 and 24, just under a quarter don’t know any of their neighbors names, or double the average found by Aviva.

Despite only a quarter of participants claiming a neighbor as a “close friend”, more than a quarter trust their neighbors. The study found that 73 percent would trust neighbors to look after a delivery, 38 percent would trust neighbors with a spare set of keys and 36 percent would trust neighbors to look after their house.

“People are more mobile than in previous generations, so it’s easier to see friends and family who don’t live nearby,” said Adam Beckett, Propositions Director at Aviva via a press release. “This, combined with the pace of modern life, can mean that we don’t always know the people who live closest to us.”

Despite the declining likelihood of being close with neighbors, 20 percent of participants indicated they’d like to get to know their neighbors better.

“However, our research shows that there can be real benefits to getting to know neighbors, both practically and emotionally,” said Beckett. “It’s great to have people who can look out for one another – as well as their homes and belongings – and provide support when needed. This in turn can have a really positive effect on people’s wellbeing.”


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