CBS Local– Bob Howard was enjoying a nice day on the water of Rathbun Lake in Iowa when he begun to notice a large sea snake in the water near him.

Before long, as Howard was reeling in a fish, the sea snake leapt onto the pole to steal the catch. Howard and the sea snake had a bit of a tug-of-war, before the animal won.

“I thought, ‘Uh oh. This is bigger than I thought,’ ” Howard said, via WUSA9. “It came up and I hit it on the top of the head with my pole to get it to go away. He went under the water then he came up close to me. He just kept annoying me.”

Howard reckons the snake to be six feet long. The snake was following his bobber to try and grab some food.

“Some of him was still in the water,” Howard said. “He was just real aggressive. He knows that bobber is going to bring in food.”

  1. Bob Howard says:

    This is Bob Howard, the man that caught the fish that the snake took. You all realize this took place in a fresh water lake in Iowa and it was a Northern White Snake that lives in fresh water. Just wanted the correct news out there.

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