CBS Local– In North Carolina, veterinarians have spotted a new flu that plagues dogs that is highly contagious.  The dog flu has claimed the lives of two canines and is suspected by veterinarians to have sickened many more.

The American Kennel Club reported some facts on the flu. Symptoms include coughing, lethargy and a fever. They say that 80% of dogs exposed will contract the disease, though it is curable. The problem is that some dogs won’t show symptoms and can then develop fatal pneumonia. Infected dogs can spread the virus for up to 28 days.

“This is not a time to panic, not a time to be overly concerned, but it is a time to be prudent,” said veterinarian Jim Dobies, via Charlotte Observer.

Both deceased dogs from the flu are from North Carolina, though they were linked to dog shows in Florida and Georgia.

“We want to be careful,” Patricia Norris, head of North Carolina’s Animal Welfare program, said. “We don’t want to cause a panic, but to be vigilant.”

Vets suggest that even healthy dogs should be vaccinated, and if owners notice any of the above symptoms, to play it safe and bring them in for a check-up.


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