Most of the time, we spend months leading up to our vacation trying to get healthy… then once we’re on the vacay for some reason our bathing suits start to become a bit tighter. On day 5 or 6, things start to fall apart… our once flat stomach is now starting to resemble a beach ball. You guys… this does not have to be the case! Follow a few simple tips for a healthier, happier summer vacay.

  1. Skip all elevators – Take the stairs wherever you go.
  2. Counteract the cocktails you consume – Do 10 blurpees for every drink you have. (We might be in the gym for awhile with this tip.)
  3. Don’t overindulge – Stick to one sweet treat per day. (Or two small-ish treats, it is your vacay.)
  4. Stay hydrated – Traveling & being in the sun can dehydrate you. (Keep water in your travel bag.)
  5. Walk everywhere you go – Helps burn off extra calories you consume. (Go for the fried fish… just choose to walk to the restaurant.)

What are some of your tips?



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