3 Most Popular Birth Months & The Reasons Behind The Spikes

By Deb Taylor

According to a 20-year study, mid-September is the most popular time of year for birthdays. The absolute most popular day of the year for a birthday is Sept. 9, with the second most popular being Sept. 19. The week and a half between Sept. 9 and Sept. 20 seem to have the most birthdays, with Sept. 9, Sept. 12 and Sept. 19 being the most popular of all. But the question remains: Why is September such a popular time to enter this world? There are a few theories on that.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

In order for all these births to occur in September, we look back 40 weeks, which puts us in the month of December. What kind of weather do we have in December? Cold! This in turn leads to staying indoors, snuggling and cuddling. To add to this theory, more people take time off around the holidays, which gives couples more time together for vacationing, relaxing and of course, baby making.

As mentioned above, the cold weather seems to bring on more cuddling and snuggling. The study shows that sperm quality decreases in summer months, and then revs back up in the cold winter months. Let’s be honest: Most people would rather get all hot and bothered from the sex itself than from a hot, sultry day. Winter seems to be the perfect backdrop for lovemaking.

Making Merry

Along with this, all the hoopla that accompanies the year end activities has also been linked to an increased sex drive. The holiday hustle and bustle seems to bring on more sexual activities between couples. During the holidays, there is such a flurry of excitement. With all the planning and shopping, there’s also more social gatherings which brings on more merriment and parties and opportunities for alcohol related drinking. All of this coupled together brings on the intimacy between partners.

Summer Babies Abound

Another popular birth month seems to be July. Why, you might ask? July seems to run a close second, according to studies, because again, it is a summer month. In fact it is smack dab in the middle of summer. The hot days of summer just do not appeal to most people for being intimate and close. Therefore, the winter prior tends to lend a hand at having babies occurring in the hot sticky days of July. There is an evolutionary theory stating that more babies are born in summer when food is plentiful, therefore making it easier for babies to survive.

While we are at it, let’s not leave out August. This month has been found in most studies to also be a very popular birth month. There again, late fall prior to August,  seems to be a time of year people, couples especially, tend to get closer. Weather is changing and becoming milder and getting down right cold in some places. It makes for some intimate time to be indoors, and when August rolls around the next year—bam. The babies start making an entrance into the world.

So who do you share a birthday with? If it’s in the month of July, August or September, you no doubt share it with quite a few interesting people.


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