Blackouts, Blizzards & Big Wins: Surprising Explanations Behind Your Birthday Month

By Jane Lasky

As a bounty of baby boomers look to retirement, these bundles of joy, born between 1946 and 1964, popped up during every single month of these years. After all, the reason for the boom of these babies was due in large part to the welcome end of WWII. That meant the happy return home for millions of soldiers eager to put those dastardly days behind them as they collectively moved in the direction of rebuilding their lives with families of their own to love, honor and cherish.

Since the aftermath of those war-torn days, many other reasons can be looked to as to why children may have been born during certain months. For instance, if you celebrate your birthday in September, chances are the month you were conceived was December—a time when it is typically cold outside and warm inside. Also, the last month of the year is when plenty of partying happens as the holidays are celebrated. So, love is automatically in the air.

The Summer of Love

Those women who were of the age or ability in 1967 experienced what has become known as another wave of big-time baby making. This happened in San Francisco, resulting in a bevy of births (and, thus, birthdays) in March, April and May. Now, 50 years later, the kids born to those who attended the Summer of Love on the left coast are second-stage adults with parents tied to hippie counterculture. They were a massive crowd of offbeat visionaries who believed the world could be changed through peace and, in this instance, free love—some of which was helped along by an abundance of drug experimentation.

Super Bowl Mania

Babies conceived by excited fan couples who may or may not have been well and truly inebriated after big Super Bowl wins are also in evidence on this topic, at least as reported by the National Football League. In fact, the enterprising organization is behind a popular video made for Super Bowl 50. It features musician Sea, and plays up a charismatic choir of kids of all ages, all of whom were born in October, November or December—or, to be clearer, around nine months after Super Bowl games were played. To make their point, this motley crew sang Seal’s “Kissed By A Rose,” the lyrics cleverly switched up to reflect their unique commonality—a perfect oxymoron if ever there was one.

Blizzard, Baby 

Remember Snowvember? If you live in Buffalo, you do. This 2014 event that happened in, no surprise, November, resulted in some 70 inches of snow being dumped onto this cold Western New York area in a compact five days. While those five days may not have been productive ones when it came to work obligations (everyone was snowed in), they did produce quite a few bundles of joy exactly nine months later in the middle of August. To prove the prolific newborn status of this perennially snowbound destination, Buffalo’s Mercy Hospital dubbed the situation “a mini baby boom.”

Lights Out

Does procreation go up in numbers when the lights suddenly shut off? This is a question that is not fully able to be answered, but some say that the 1965 overnight blackout from Nov. 9 to Nov. 10 in the Northeast—and particularly in New York City—did cause a slight population boom nine months later in September. Without electricity (so, no television), certain coupled up residents were said to have gotten particularly up-close-and-personal on that one night. The result? Birthday celebrations galore among kids born in 1966 on Sept. 11, 12 and 13 that prove the point to be true even if some experts claim it is not. However, this so-called baby boom was less than impressive with “103 babies born at six New York hospitals, 39 more than normal,” according to the New York Times.

Fantasy Or Fact?

Fertility forecasts that come out of natural disasters, like power outages, blizzards, and earthquakes, as well as upbeat events, like The Summer of Love and other special celebrations, are not necessarily a direct link to sexual surging in such poignant times. However, the dream is alive in the form of babies being born just nine months after the fact-making developments took place, thus ensuring certain birthdays that mean much more than one might otherwise imagine. A fantasy? Maybe. But a good one, nonetheless. In fact, no matter what, this happenstance is a healthy thought to hold dear—and while dressed in swaddle, too.


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