CBS Local – Viber is here to send good vibes only.

In response to President Donald Trump’s executive order which enacted a temporary refugee and travel ban, Viber, the phone calling/messaging app, announced it will be enabling free calling to phones in the seven countries impacted. It works both ways, too, as Viber users in Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Yemen will be able to make free calls to the United States.

“Viber has always been committed to enabling people to connect freely and securely whenever and wherever they are,” said Michael Shmilov, Viber COO. “Under the current circumstances, we feel obligated to enable our users to remain close even when apart.”

Viber has received widespread adulation for their kind deed, the inverse of what’s happening with Uber. The ride servicing giant is now subject of a #DeleteUber trend for continuing to service rides from JFK airport during protests.


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