CBS Local – A carefully curated bio that does its best to encapsulate you, without coming off as smug — the granular analysis one takes in selecting photos that show how cool, caring and fun one is, without being ostentatious and pretentious.

These are usually what Tinder users focus a glut of time on, but what about the one thing users can’t edit? Does your name have an impact on how many favorable swipes you accrue?

Well, there’s no way to tell for sure, but Tinder released their top ten names swiped, and congratulations on your success Lucas, Ryan, Matthew, Hannah, Emma and Lauren.

The full lists are as follows.

Men: 1. Lucas, 2. Ryan, 3. Matthew, 4. Nick, 5. Josh, 6. Brandon, 7. Justin, 8. Ben, 9. Adam, 10. Andrew

Women: 1. Hannah, 2. Emma, 3. Lauren, 4. Julia, 5. Emily, 6. Rachel, 7. Samantha, 8. Katie, 9. Anna, 10. Sara

Too bad they didn’t do this percentage wise rather than counting stats, but, hey, maybe Tinder is late to the advanced metrics table.


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