(CBS Local) – The struggle to lose those extra few pounds is something everyone may face in their lifetime. And we all want to hear that it’s not our fault when we’re carrying more weight than we’d like. And according to one study, it’s true that it’s not all our fault and there’s no one way that’ll work for everyone.

Dr. Frank Sacks, a professor of nutrition at Harvard, conducted a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in which he compares weight loss to cancer because there’s no one type of cancer, as there’s no one type of obesity.

In Sacks’ study, he randomly assigned different diets to 811 participants. They found that different courses of action work for different people.

“In conclusion,” Sacks writes in the journal, “diets that are successful in causing weight loss can emphasize a range of fat, protein, and carbohydrate compositions that have beneficial effects on risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Such diets can also be tailored to individual patients on the basis of their personal and cultural preferences and may therefore have the best chance for long-term success.”

Furthermore, Dr. Lee Kaplan, director of the obesity, metabolism and nutrition institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, says that he’s found 59 different types of obesity, via New York Times.

Obesity has long been treated as the fault of the person, who’s typically charted as lazy or ill-disciplined. But sometimes it’s genetics, and researchers don’t know why something that may cause weight loss for one can be weight gain for another.


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