(CBS Local) – In response to their town council, every single police officer in Bunker Hill, Indiana has resigned, leaving the town without law enforcement.

Former Town Marshal Michael Thomison explained to CBS 4 Indianapolis why the sudden resignations.

“We have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda,” said Thomison. “They would not communicate with us or the officers and they kept scaling back.”

Their resignation letters cited the council members asking the officers to do ‘illegal, unethical, and immoral things’ such as being asked to run background checks on other town councilors, and if they refused, they claim they were threatened.

It’s even more personal for Thomison, who had to take time off from work when he was diagnosed with cancer. Once he was fit to return, they’d only let him be part-time.

“They came at me and said it is costing the town way too much money because of my insurance and they said we are taking you down to part time,” said Thomison, who says he’s planning a lawsuit.

For the rest of the officers, their safety was in jeopardy. They claim that they had to share just one set of body armor.

“I did not want to send someone out there with bad body armor so I would take mine off and provide it to the other officers,” said Thomison. “I told them we have to provide this, there is an IC code that explains that and says that the town has to provide that body armor.”

The town council has yet to issue a public statement, though that is expected to happen soon.


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