It seems these days in Hollywood that all halfway successful movies are getting a sequel or a remake. Johan Huibers of the Netherlands seems to believe it’s not exclusive to movies, as he’s prepared for the second coming of the Bible story of Noah’s Ark.

Huiber built his own ark. Seriously, it was completed three years ago. And now you can take a VR tour of it, equip with a tour guide. The ark is 95 feet wide, 75 feet tall, has five decks and has the capacity for 5,000 people. (Or two of every animal.)

The beauty of the internet is that you can theoretically wherever you want to be in the world, and virtual reality is just the next wave of realism.

“We believe in sharing the Ark experience with people around the world,” Director and co-founder of FigTree VR Pearry Teo told Digital Trends. “Especially for those who may never have the chance to visit the Ark in real life. Traditional videos and pictures give merely a peek at what an amazing experience it is to be in the ark, and VR helps us accomplish that.”

Teo believes it’s a fantastic tool for learning.

“VR opens up new doors to learning,” he said, “making it easier if the experience is enriching, enjoyable, and safe which fosters higher level of engagement and understanding. And because VR is unique for each experience, it helps improve retention and recall making it suitable for different learning styles. This is where we believe we can help keep faith, values, and tradition alive through virtual reality.”


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