A few weeks ago it was reported that Selena Gomez admitted herself into rehab. She was said to have been experiencing severe anxiety and depression after her lupus diagnosis. Although it was for emotional issues, rumors started online that it was also a substances abuse. After five weeks in a rehab facility, Selena was spotted in Tennessee hanging out like a regular person. There were no paparazzi or crowds of fans. Some of the employees at the Texas Roadhouse didn’t even know who she was.

Instagram @KlipaMatthew

Instagram @KlipaMatthew

The Disney star turned super star has been having a tough year. After announcing that she had Lupus last October the singer decided in August that she would be taking a break from being in the spotlight. The impromptu sighting started a short lived #SelenaisBackParty hashtag on Twitter. Gomez posed with patrons in the local Tennessee area and was on her way. Reports state that she looked happy.  Read More


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