Fun License Plates I See

I like attention to detail. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shiny Aston Martin or a boring Saturn, a personalized tag is a great way to make any car in to something truly unique. I freely admit that all personalized tags are a completely unnecessary expense and usually make little to no sense to anyone but the person who thought of it. I know all too well the pain of going down to the DMV to explain to a rather disinterested clerk why you’re so anxious to pay an extra $51 to get RUCNFSD on the back of a shiny blue car.

It means "Are You Confused." Chances are yes, yes you are.

It means “Are You Confused.” Chances are yes, yes you are.

I am always on the lookout for clever people because I am easily amused. Click on the image below for the large version of the latest collection of cleverness and see if you can translate them. Hint: The one on the filthy black CTS-V has to do with being an avid fisherman. You’ll get no hints from me about the blue Ferrari with the silver horse. Ok, one hint…

^^Click me^^ to zoom in for all of the cheesy goodness.

^^Click me^^ to zoom in for all of the cheesy goodness.


Erica Habedank | CW44/ CBS Tampa


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