DuPont Cars & Coffee April 2016

If you’ve never heard of Cars and Coffee it’s probably because you’re either in a long-term coma, you sleep late on the weekends or you lease a new Toyota Prius every couple of years because you’re sure it’s the best car ever made. Those of us who don’t meet any of those qualifications and live here in the Tampa Bay area can be found up at dark-thirty every third Saturday of the month for the DuPont Cars & Coffee show in St. Petersburg. Technically, the event happens from 7am-9am, but you better get there early if you have a shiny car that you don’t want to park in the street. I love this free event because it brings out the hardcore-car people and you never know what you’ll see. My friends and I usually get there around 6:30am and there’s usually a Sheriff’s deputy directing a long line of shiny cars toward the headquarters of the DuPont Registry 3051 Tech Drive. You’ll see everything from new Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers, to old ’60s and ’70s muscle cars, Porsches, Ferraris, Teslas, BMWs, Mercedes, McLarens, Bentleys and other cars that even I haven’t heard of.

Head inside the DuPont showroom and there’s something different every month. The highlight this month, as usual, is impossible to figure out. There was this silver Porsche 918 Spyder valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million just sitting there looking fast.

Porsche 918 Spyder in silver, because the police never notice silver cars.

Porsche 918 Spyder in silver, because the police never notice silver cars.

There was also this incredibly rare #teamblue Aston Martin One-77 that took everyone’s breath away so I took two pictures.

Picture 1

Picture 1

Picture 2

Apparently, this is car #66 of the 77 they ever made. #detective


There were many Ferraris and Porsches littered about as well.

Stripes are extra Speciale

Stripes are extra Speciale

WWII foes are now friends

WWII foes are now friends

Unless it’s raining or I’m in a coma, I’ll see you in May at the Dupont Registry! I’m sure there will be many more pictures submitted to their website this week, so keep an eye out and click here for pictures that are way better than mine.

Erica Habedank | WTOG CW44/CBS Tampa



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