ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A pit bull was attacked and dragged into an Orlando lake by an alligator.

Greg Workman, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokesman, explained that Eric Mantral Glover was walking his 10-month-old pit bull in west Orlando around Deerock Park.

Workman stated that Glover was throwing a stick into the lake for the dog to retrieve. An alligator that is estimated to be between 8 and 11 feet long came out of the lake and attacked the dog.

Glover was unable to find his pet after the alligator pulled the dog back into the water.

A man who lives near the scene shared that he saw a big alligator at the park located between Raleigh Street and MetroWest Boulevard.

“I hear people say it’s more than one,” Chris Bradley told the Orlando Sentinel. “They took an alligator out of a smaller pond nearby.”

A permit was issued to a trapper, but the gator could not be found, Workman told the Sentinel. The search will continue Tuesday to try and locate the alligator.

Officials noted that 12 people were bitten by alligators in Florida last year alone. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s website explains that dogs and cats are close to the natural prey of alligators suggesting that pets should not swim or drink in waters that could contain alligators.


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