(AUDIO) Buccaneers Bar Has Been Raised

Optimism is on high in Tampa Bay after the Buccaneers acquired Logan Mankins and Mark Cook from the Pewter Report joined Fan Interference to give his thoughts on the move.

Mark agrees with Justin this team will be improved and that it will translate to wins for the team this year.

Mark says that the move for Mankins maybe the end of the moves for the team and that this may have put them out of the market for Incognito. While the team may continue to look at players who are cut from teams, the Bucs did feel better about the play of their guards after this past Saturday’s game. While Incognito may not be totally lost for Tampa Bay, but for the moment it appears that move is on the back burner.

Thus far in the preseason, the Bucs have avoided the big injury, and Mark says that a lot of the projected starters like Verner and Mike Jenkins will more than likely not see the field before the start of the season. In the 4th game of the preseason, there is no need in risking a potential starter pushing it with an injury right before the start of the season.

Prior to today’s show, Justin spoke to a radio station in Boston and he was asked if the lack of pass protection and solid line play masked the real issue, which was perceived as Josh McCown. Cook disagreed with that assessment and said that he does not have concern with the play of McCown and believes McCown will be fine if they can protect for him.

Mark Cook 8/27/14

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