(AUDIO) Top Five Vulgar Athletes

Johnny Manziel showed his vulgar side when he shot a bird to Washington’s bench. Who makes our list? Time for our Top 5 Vulgar Athletes.

In fifth place, it’s Terrell Owens. Owens was never afraid to do utterly disrespectful things, posing on an opposing team’s logo and autographing a ball during the game. He fought quite a bit with his own teammates and even spit in DeAngelo Hall’s face.

In fourth place, it’s Ron Artest. The problem with Ron Artest is that he doesn’t seem to know he is crazy as hell! Every time he is doing something terrible or off the wall, he always has a look that says ‘I didn’t do nothin.’ The fight that he started in Detroit was just the tip of the iceberg. Artest raps and drives crazy cars but he has never sought the specialist help he needs so dearly.

Coming in third, naturally, Randy Moss. Moss definitely has a fiery personality – the Minnesota Vikings booted him after too many little stunts, causing him to be traded to Oakland back in the day. He’s refused to talk to the media numerous times, which was essentially against league policy (he was once fined $25,000 for this behavior). Moss was undoubtedly talented. Any problems he’s had have not been a result of his skill, but rather a result of his mouth: either because of his comments and outspoken remarks, or because of his refusal to address the media (or rude, often obnoxious dismissal of them)

Our silver medalist is John McEnroe Tennis could not have invented a better villain if they had tried. When you think McEnroe, you definitely don’t think well behaved – he’s known as the bad boy of 1970s tennis for a reason. It would be easier to say what McEnroe didn’t do than what he did – while on the court he’s cursed like a sailor, thrown his racket around, fought with umpires, and generally just caused huge and unnecessary scenes. While no one has a definitive number, a lot of his earnings during his prime are thought to have gone to paying back all the fines for his misconduct. Despite being ranked number one at one point in his prime, McEnroe’s attitude also cost him a lot of endorsement deals, as many companies didn’t want their products associated with him. If you ever see a frustrated young tennis player throw their racket to the ground, they’re not being immature – they’re just McEnroeing.

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