(AUDIO) Bucs O-Line May Get One More Game Before Changes Are Made

Following the first Buccaneers preseason game, you can imagine that there is a lot of questions still remaining about the team, specifically on the offensive line.  Mark Cook joined us to talk about that exact topic and talked to Fan Interference about it today.

Lovie said that he will continue to evaluate the play of the line, and who are going to be the five best guys for the job. One of the issues that may come up from that will be how quickly can that 5 man unit come together and form some sort of cohesion. Kadeem Edwards was a guy that some Bucs fans were looking forward to see, but Cook warned Bucs fans that he is a guy that is a very raw rookie from a small school that still has some things to learn before he can become a starter.

One way that the Buccaneers could address the issues on the line maybe outside with the names Alex Boone and Richie Incognito coming up. Mark said that the chances of Incognito are fairly slim, but that perhaps Boone maybe something that team looks into if the second preseason game goes the way the first did.

Besides the play of the line on offense, another thing fans wanted to see was the play of the quarterback position. Throughout camp, many have been impressed with the play of McCown in practice, but when the lights came on Friday, he did under perform. Mark does know that internally at One Buc, the team is very high on Josh as a leader and someone who can produce.

Mark Cook 8/13/14

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