(POLL) Draft Day Tuesday Honors Robin Williams

With the untimely passing of actor/comedian Robin Williams, Fan Interference felt the need to honor them in the only way they knew how. So the boys decided to have Williams’ movies picked for a draft day Tuesday.

Williams had countless movies throughout his career that showcased his range and acting chops, as well as his insatiable energy and humor. All of those genres were on display in this draft.

Take a look at the draft results and vote on who you thought had the best collection of films:


1. Birdcage

2. Aladdin

3. Dead Poet Society

4. One Hour Photo

5. Insomnia


1. Good Will Hunting

2. Hook

3. Jack

4. Death To Smoochy

5. Night At The Museum


1. Good Morning, Vietnam

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

3. Patch Adams

4. Fisher King

5. Best Of Times

Greg Linnelli:

1. Mork And Mindy

2. Jumanji

3. Nine Months

4. Popeye

5. In Search Of Dr. Seuss

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