Grandmother Wants $1,000 From Hair Stylist For ‘Pain And Suffering’ Over Bad Haircut

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A grandmother is claiming that a bad haircut is ruining her life.

Vyunda Bradshaw told WKMG that she wants the stylist at Great Clips, who allegedly gave her a bad hair cut, to pay her $1,000 for her “pain and suffering.”

“I attend church regularly, I have a social life, I can’t go anywhere with my hair looking like this,” Bradshaw explained to WKMG. “I said, ‘You can’t use the clippers, you need to use the scissors.’ She said, ‘I’m blending.’ She stepped this way and that’s when she took my hair off.”

Strips of Bradshaw’s hair are gone, she has a bald spot and there is also uneven shaping all around after she said the stylist used clippers, WKMG reported.

The general manager at the Great Clips, Michelle Bates, gave Bradshaw $60 to buy a wig and also offered her free hair products.

“I told her I don’t wear wigs, it’s 97-degree weather,” Bradshaw said to WKMG. “With the wig it’s going to be 125 degrees and I’m going to pass the heck out.”

Bradshaw is hoping that her hair will be back to normal in three months and that she won’t be returning to Great Clips.

“I take pride in my hair. My appearance means a lot to me, but now somebody looks at me they might think I’m a man with my hair all cut off like that,” Bradshaw told WKMG.

Bates fired the stylist who gave Bradshaw the haircut, but the salon said they can not give Bradshaw the money she is demanding. Instead they offered her free weekly visits, but she declined the offer.

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