In honor of Derrick Brooks and his amazing induction speech on Saturday, this week we count down the Top Five Pro Football Hall of Fame Speeches of all time.

Cris Carter comes in at number five. He’s thought of as one of the greatest wide receivers in the game. He told his fans getting inducted was the greatest day of his life. Carter then went on to recognize the five people who helped him achieve his dreams: his mom, his high school football coach, his wife, Reggie White, and the duo of Wheelock Whitney and Betty Trilogy. Wheelock and Betty were responsible for helping him get sober when he joined the Minnesota Vikings.

Deion Sanders comes in at number four. Whether it was his persona or his playing style, you can’t help but notice Neon Deion. The part of his speech that helped earn him these honors was when he talked about his Mama. We could feel the love and the respect he has for the woman who helped him find his way and follow his dreams.

Hard not to shed some tears as our bronze medalist, Shannon Sharpe, thanked his brother, Sterling, and his grandmother. Shannon’s love for his family was purely apparent.

Curtis Martin comes in second place. He started his speech by cracking some jokes about Willie Roaf’s desire to get manicures and pedicures. But then he goes deep…and it’s a speech you can’t forget.


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