USF Bulls Have A Chip On Their Shoulder

Austin Reiter said it on Sunday. Thor Jozwiak said it on Monday. And Willie Taggart plans on holding them to it.

The USF Bulls have a chip on their shoulder.

USF went through their first practice of fall camp on Monday at the Frank Morsani Football Complex and Fan Interference had a front-row seat.

When you get sand kicked in your face for three-straight months (read: finish with a record of 2-10) you eventually get tired of it. Willie Taggart’s first USF team was too young, too weak and too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Now, the 2014 team is looking for some payback.

It has to feel like a million years ago when this year’s group of redshirt seniors were in the Meineke Car Care Bowl and beating up on Clemson in December of 2010. They probably never dreamed it might be the only bowl they ever go to. These kids have been waiting to right a lot of wrongs. They know that if things are going to change, its up to them to change them. Willie Taggart said that last year was about just trying to be competitive. This year is about winning.

Reiter and Jozwiak can’t wait to get started. Senior Reshard Cliett, who played through injury last season, knows this is his last go ‘round. And wide receiver Andre Davis, from Jefferson High School, feels the extra added pressure of being the local kid that stayed home in an attempt to make USF a force again.

But they finally have some help.

We also had a chance to see the American Conference’s top recruiting class and it is as advertised. This group just looks different than the one’s before them. They’re bigger, yet leaner. They’re 19, yet look 23. They’re raw, yet talented. They’re the future, yet will be counted on in the present too.

Willie Taggart’s blueprint worked at Western Kentucky and he knows it can work here. And coming this fall, you’ll start to see results.


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