Hollywood, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — A south Florida man pulled off a successful burglary and escape from the home before realizing he’d left his cellphone on the victim’s bed. And according to police, when the burglar called the phone back to retrieve it, investigators in the home answered the phone and their questions.

Wayne Bradley Wade, 46, was arrested on burglary and grand theft charges after he called his own phone that he’d left on the bed in one of his victim’s homes, WPLG-TV reports. Police who were on the scene investigating the crime heard the phone ring, answered it, and listened as Wade gave his name and asked for the phone back.

Broward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley said at a Thursday court hearing that fingerprint evidence from that phone soon linked Wade to a five other burglaries.

Wade had successfully escaped from the home in which he left his cellphone after breaking through a bathroom window and taking a flat screen television and a coffee table valued at about $550, Hurley told WPLG. The victim told police she saw Wade leaving her apartment and attempted to confront him before he fled the scene in a pickup truck.

However, Wade soon realized he’d left his cellphone at the woman’s apartment, and decided to call the phone in order to have it returned – unfortunately for Wade, investigators answered his plea to have the stolen phone returned.

“So, the allegation is you burglarized the home, you left your cellphone, you realized you left your cellphone and then called back, and the police answered the phone and you told them what your name was over the cellphone,” Hurley said in court Thursday. “I’m just trying to absorb that.”

“Because it was stolen, sir,” Wade explained.

Wade was booked into the Broward County jail and held on $101,000 bond. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Wade has a series of arrests dating back to 1992 for DUI, domestic battery, and passing bad checks. He was released from Florida state prison in November 2009 after serving a three-year sentence for depositing checks with the intent to defraud and grand theft.

Benjamin Fearnow


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