80,000 Bees Found In Florida Home

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — In buzz-worthy news, 80,000 bees are being removed from a Cape Coral home on the 400 block of Triton Court West.

NBC2 reports a sign has been placed in front of the house to warn of the danger of the 80,000 Africanized bees, an extremely aggressive type of bee.

The man put in charge of removing the bees from the home’s backyard is beekeeper David Gatley.

“I’ve been gentle with these guys. I’ve already been stung four or five times,” said Gately.

Gatley is also responsible for displaying the sign that warns the neighborhood of the bee danger, but some believe that the signs are only scaring the neighborhood without actually doing any good.

“It’s scaring the public where there doesn’t need to be any scare tactic used,” said B. Keith Councell, another licensed bee remover.

Councell states that Africanized bees will attack without being provoked, therefore making the sign unnecessary.

It is for this reason that Councell also believes the bees are normal honeybees.

“Those bees would be so aggravated that anything that moves in that area would be getting stung,” said Councell, relaying his apprehension about what type of bees they are.

As of now, nothing can be determined without a DNA test of one of the bees.

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