(AUDIO) Top 5 Buccaneers Offensive Players of All Time

Keyshawn Johnson comes in at number five. As part of the Super Bowl winning team and a big time play-maker who the Bucs traded for and gave up two first round draft picks for. Johnson had six grabs for 69 yards in the Bucs Super Bowl win against the Raiders.

Paul Gruber Drafted during the low days of Buccaneers history, he suffered on many poor Bucs teams, and never received the adulation he would have had he been on a better team or bigger market. But Gruber stood up tall against some of the best Defensive Ends in the business, and time and time again performed at an exceptional level. Gruber started 183 Bucs games in a row, surpassed only by Derrick Brooks. Gruber got to taste a bit of winning, being on the 1997 and 99 playoff squads, but broke his leg in the season finale in ’99, he appeared as Captain in crutches on the floor of the NFC Championship game, his farewell appearance in either Orange or Pewter.

Warrick Dunn is the bronze medalist. Despite his modest size, Dunn’s athleticism, incomparable drive and personality convinced Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy to select him in the first round of the 1997 draft as the twelfth overall pick. In 1997, he set a Buccaneer rookie record and was the fourth-highest single-season mark in team history.

In the number 2 spot, it’s Bucs famed quarterback, Doug Williams. Forget being a trend setter by being the first full time African-American starter at the position, Williams had a canon arm, and a physique that wouldnt go down. He was sacked less than ten times in 1979 for example. The knock on Doug was his low completion percentage, but you have to remember, he played in a day that predawned the West Coast Offense. No Bucs QB has been to as many Playoff games, and when he left in 1983 after 3 of 4 playoff years, the Bucs didnt go back to the dance until 1997.

Top 5 Buccaneers Offensive Players

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