Optimism is high right now in cities all across the country. That can only mean one thing. NFL teams begin to report this week for the start of training camp. One of those teams happen to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This year perhaps more than most is going to be a very interesting season for the Bucs with so many changes throughout the organization.

Today, Fan Interference broke down some of the positional changes to look forward to heading into the camp, and where the team has upgraded from the past few seasons. This year, the Bucs may have set themselves up personnel wise to be an up tempo offense that will throw the ball all over the field.

One of the positions that appears to be set in the eye of Lovie Smith is the quarterback position and Josh McCown. The Bucs staff had the option to draft a QB with the 7th pick and chose to pass on the position with every pick they had in the last draft. Justin and Greg (of the Greg Linnelli Show) broke down the kind of offense we may see from the Bucs, and if they are comfortable with that much pressure being placed on McCown.

Another aspect of the team this year that has been upgraded is the amount of diversity and depth they have created at wide receiver. Along with adding Mike Evans, the Bucs brought in some different type receivers to camp this year who could potentially help spread the defense out. Players like Solomon Patton, Louis Murphy, David Gettis could provide much more depth than what was here previously.


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